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Wild Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Wild Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Wild Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Wild is an exhilarating adventure game designed specifically for nature enthusiasts and outdoor explorers. With its stunning visuals, open-world gameplay, and emphasis on realistic wildlife behavior, Wild offers an immersive experience that sets it apart from other video games in the genre.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the untamed wilderness? Join me as I delve into Cheryl Strayed’s captivating memoir, Wild. Prepare to be captivated by a tale of self-discovery, resilience, and the transformative power of nature. Can one woman’s solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail mend her broken spirit and reshape her perspective on life?

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Pros & Cons

  • – Wild is a refreshing twist on online dating that lets you skip the small talk and get straight to the point with like-minded folks.
  • – With its easy-to-use interface, swiping through potential matches feels more like flipping through an exciting menu of possibilities than a chore.
  • – Get ready for some wild nights out because this app attracts adventurous souls who are up for thrilling encounters.
  • – The messaging feature on Wild can be a bit glitchy at times, frustrating those who are looking for smooth and uninterrupted conversations.
  • – Some users have reported encountering fake profiles on Wild, leading to disappointment and wasted time trying to connect with someone genuine.
  • – While there is an option to verify your profile, the process can take quite some time, resulting in delayed access to certain features of the app.

How Does Wild Work?

Wild is a popular dating app that was created in 2016. It provides users with an exciting and unconventional way to meet new people. With millions of profiles available, Wild offers a diverse range of users from different backgrounds and interests. Whether you’re looking for casual hookups or meaningful connections, this platform has it all.

Profiles on Wild can be found by browsing through the app’s extensive user base.

You can filter results based on age, gender, location, and other preferences to find someone who matches your criteria. The platform attracts a wide range of users, including young professionals, students, and even travelers looking for local companionship.

Key features of Wild include its swiping functionality, which allows you to quickly browse through profiles and indicate your interest by swiping right or left. The app also offers private chat rooms where you can connect with your matches and get to know each other better before meeting in person. Additionally, Wild incorporates advanced security measures to ensure the safety of its users’ personal information and interactions within the app.

How to Make Contact on Wild

How can users reach out to Wild? There are several contact options available on the app, allowing users to easily connect with the support team or get in touch for any inquiries.

  • Users on Wild can interact by sending each other private messages, allowing for direct communication and conversation.
  • Another way to interact with other users is through public comments on posts, giving the opportunity to share thoughts and opinions.
  • Additionally, users can engage in group discussions by participating in community forums, encouraging collaborative conversations.

Users can make contact on Wild by exploring the various options available to find and connect with people. One way is through the “Nearby” feature, which allows users to discover individuals in their local area. By scrolling through profiles, users can view photos and read short descriptions before deciding whether or not to swipe right for a potential connection.

Another option is the “Global” feature where users have access to an extensive network of individuals from around the world. This enables them to broaden their search beyond their immediate location and interact with diverse cultures and backgrounds.

In addition to geographical filters, Wild offers different modes such as video chat and voice messages, allowing users to engage in more dynamic conversations if they so choose.

Users also have the ability to send text messages within the app for a more traditional mode of communication. These features provide multiple avenues for finding like-minded individuals based on personal preferences while ensuring flexibility depending on one’s conversational style or desired level of interaction. Whether connecting locally or globally, Wild provides a platform that caters to various user preferences when it comes to making contact with others.

Registration Process

Are you ready to join the millions of users on the Wild app? In this section, we will guide you through the simple and hassle-free registration process for this popular free dating app.

To register on the Wild app, follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Wild dating app:

    • Visit the official website or your device’s application store.
    • Search for "Wild" in the search bar.
    • Click on the download/install button to begin the installation process.
  2. Create a free account:

    • Open the Wild app on your device.
    • Tap on the "Sign Up" or "Register" button.
    • Fill in the required information, such as your email address, date of birth, and desired username/password.
    • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
    • Optionally, you can link your social media accounts to expedite the registration process.
  3. Set up your profile:

    • Customize your profile by adding photos and writing a bio that reflects your personality.
    • Specify your preferences in terms of gender, age range, and location.
    • Optionally, answer additional questions to further personalize your profile.
    • Enable notifications if desired.

Follow these steps to easily register and start using the Wild app for online dating. Remember to keep your personal information secure and take necessary precautions while interacting with other users.

To create a profile on Wild, the next step after downloading the app is to provide some basic information about yourself. The Wild app, known as a free dating app, allows users to easily connect and meet new people based on mutual interests and location.

  1. Download the Wild app from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Open the Wild dating app on your device.
  3. Tap on the "Create Account" or "Register" button to start the registration process.
  4. Enter your email address and create a strong password for your account.
  5. Provide the necessary information, such as your gender, age, location, and personal preferences.
  6. Upload a clear and flattering profile picture that represents you accurately.
  7. Write an engaging and brief bio that showcases your personality and interests.
  8. Browse through the app’s settings to customize your privacy, notifications, and discovery preferences.
  9. Take advantage of Wild’s search and matching features by refining your search criteria.
  10. Start exploring profiles of other users, send and receive messages, and engage in conversations.
  11. Keep your profile active and update it regularly with new pictures and relevant information.
  12. Enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals while using this free dating app, Wild.

Interface & Design

The interface of Wild is clean and user-friendly, designed with a simplistic approach to make navigation seamless. The main menu is intuitively organized, providing easy access to various features such as search, settings, and notifications. The design elements are visually appealing yet unobtrusive, allowing users to focus on the content without distractions. With clear labels and icons, it is effortless to understand the purpose of each button or function within the app.

The overall design of Wild incorporates a modern aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of users. The color scheme consists of subtle hues that are pleasing to the eye and enhance readability. The layout is structured logically, ensuring efficient use of screen space and facilitating swift interactions between different sections. Not only does Wild prioritize functionality in its design choices but also creates an immersive experience through its sleek visuals and intuitive interface.

What I Liked as a User

During the past month, I had an opportunity to explore and interact with the Wild dating app. In this review, I will share my experience using Wild and highlight what I found intriguing about this unique platform.

  • User-friendly interface: I really appreciate the user-friendly interface of the Wild dating app. The layout is simple and intuitive, allowing me to navigate through the various features effortlessly. Whether it’s browsing through profiles or sending messages, everything is easily accessible, making the whole experience enjoyable and efficient.

  • Diverse and active user base: One thing that sets Wild apart from other dating apps is its diverse and active user base. There are people from all walks of life and with various interests, making it easy to find someone compatible. Additionally, the app boasts a large number of active users, which increases the chances of finding matches and engaging in meaningful conversations.

  • Advanced search filters: The Wild app offers advanced search filters that allow me to tailor my preferences and discover potential matches that align with my interests. From age range and location to specific attributes and relationship goals, these filters enable me to narrow down my search and focus on connecting with people who are more likely to be a good fit.

  • Real-time verification: Wild prioritizes safety and authenticity by implementing real-time verification methods. This process involves verifying users’ photos and profiles to ensure they are legitimate. This feature has given me peace of mind as I know that the individuals I’m interacting with are genuine, reducing the risk of encountering fake profiles or scammers.

Overall, my experience with the Wild dating app has been highly positive due to its user-friendly interface, diverse user base, advanced search filters, and emphasis on safety through real-time verification. It has made online dating both convenient and exciting for me, enhancing my chances of meeting compatible individuals.


Wild offers both free and paid features to its users. The free features include the ability to create a profile, browse other user profiles, and view photos. However, one unique feature that sets Wild apart from other dating apps is its private photo gallery option. Users can choose who gets access to their private photos, enhancing the privacy and security of the platform.

Additionally, Wild has a thorough verification process for its users. The photo verification feature ensures that all profiles on the app are authentic by requiring individuals to submit a selfie that matches their uploaded pictures. This helps maintain a safe and reliable community within the app. For those looking for more advanced functionalities, there is an option for VIP membership which provides additional perks such as being able to send messages without restrictions and utilizing powerful search filters to find potential matches more easily.

  • Wild app: A popular hookup app for finding like-minded individuals.
  • Free features: Provides a range of free features without requiring a VIP membership.
  • Private photos: Users can choose to keep their photos private and only share them with selected matches.
  • Photo verification feature: Allows users to verify their photos to ensure authenticity and increase trust.
  • Verification process: Involves verifying the identity of users through various steps, such as social media integration or phone number authentication.
  • VIP membership: Offers additional perks and benefits for premium members, such as exclusive access to certain features.
  • Send messages: Enables users to send direct messages to other users, facilitating communication and connection.
  • Powerful search filter: Incorporates advanced filters to narrow down search results based on preferences and desired criteria.
  • Verify photos: Gives users the ability to verify the authenticity of other users’ photos, ensuring they are genuine and recent.


The benefits of getting a paid subscription for Wild are worth considering. With the VIP membership, users gain access to exclusive features and enhanced functionality that enhances their overall experience on the app. The pricing of Wild is competitive compared to other options available in the market, offering value for money with its range of additional paid features.

While it is possible to use Wild without paying, opting for the free version may result in limited access and occasional advertisements. In comparison to other alternatives on the market, using Wild without a paid version may feel restrictive due to these limitations. To unlock the full potential of the app and enjoy uninterrupted usage, users have the option to make payments via various accepted methods such as credit cards or subscriptions like Wooplus.

Subscription Options Price Features
Free Trial Free – Browse and view profiles
– Send likes to users
– Access to limited number of conversations
Premium $19.99/month – Unlimited chats
– See who liked you
– Ability to rewind profiles
– Boost your profile for increased visibility
Premium Plus $29.99/month – All premium features
– Read Receipts
– Highlighted Profile
– No advertisements
– Priority customer support
Ultimate $49.99/month – All premium plus features
– Advanced search options
– Compatibility score indicators
– Verified icons on your profile
– Profile visitor insights

Free Services

  • Wild app offers various free services such as creating a profile, browsing through member profiles, and sending limited messages without any cost.
  • Users can enjoy the perks of a VIP membership on Wild for free, which includes advanced search filters, access to private photos, and priority customer support.
  • While some features may require payment in the paid version of Wild, you can still utilize exciting functions and connect with others without having to throw money at it.
  • Wild also integrates a wooplus subscription service with free options, enabling users to enjoy additional benefits like unlimited likes and boosts within the app.

  • Wild app offers a VIP membership, providing users with exclusive benefits and enhanced features for a premium experience.
  • The paid version of Wild allows subscribers to unlock additional features and enjoy an ad-free interface.
  • Users can access premium features by opting for in-app purchases or subscribing to the Wild app’s paid version.
  • By investing in a VIP membership or paid features, you can make the most out of your Wild app experience.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to throw money towards Wild app’s paid options, ensuring an elevated user experience.
  • Subscribing to the Wooplus subscription within Wild app grants users access to even more advanced features and functionalities.

The Wild app offers a VIP membership, also known as the paid version, which provides users with access to additional features. By opting for the premium membership, individuals can easily enhance their experience on Wild. With this subscription, users can effortlessly unlock exclusive perks and capabilities that are not available in the free counterpart. Rather than relying solely on limited options, those who choose to throw money into upgrading their account can explore a wide range of paid features offered by the Wooplus subscription.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Wild app stand out due to their exceptional quality, providing users with a detailed and engaging representation of individuals.
  • The user base of the Wild app consists of diverse individuals who share a genuine enthusiasm for connecting with like-minded people.
  • Unlike other platforms, the Wild app prioritizes the elimination of fake profiles, ensuring a trustworthy environment for its users.
  • With its unique features and interactive options, the Wild app offers an unparalleled experience for users seeking authentic connections.

In my experience with user profiles on the Wild app, I have come across a wide range of profile qualities. Some members put effort into crafting detailed and engaging bios, while others simply provide minimal information. The variety in profile quality reflects the diverse user base on the app, catering to different preferences and priorities of its users. However, I did encounter a few fake profiles that had suspiciously perfect pictures or generic descriptions, which is not uncommon on dating platforms.

Having explored various user profiles on Wild, I’ve gained insight into what makes an exceptional profile stand out from the rest. It’s important to craft a bio that showcases your personality and interests genuinely rather than relying heavily on filters or edited photos. Including specific details about yourself helps establish authenticity and attract like-minded individuals seeking meaningful connections. By avoiding common pitfalls such as using stock images or vague descriptions, one can create a standout profile that captures attention within the vast pool of potential matches on Wild.

  • Use high-quality and clear photos: This helps your profile stand out on the Wild app as it catches the attention of others and reflects your genuine appearance.
  • Write a unique and catchy bio: A well-written and creative bio showcases your personality, interests, and makes you more memorable among other profiles in the user base.
  • Be specific about your preferences: Clearly stating what you are looking for in a match helps attract like-minded individuals and ensures better compatibility.
  • Engage in conversations with others: Active participation in discussions and chatting shows that you are interested and genuine, setting you apart from those who rarely interact.
  • Verify your account: Verifying your profile through various authentication methods demonstrates that you are a real person, increasing your profile quality and making it trustworthy.
  • Report fake profiles: By promptly reporting any fake profiles or suspicious accounts, you contribute to maintaining a high-profile quality within the Wild app community, ensuring a safe experience for everyone.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on the Wild app. To ensure user authenticity, Wild implements a thorough verification process. It actively fights against bots and fake accounts, providing a safer environment for users to connect with genuine individuals. Additionally, it offers a two-step verification option for enhanced account protection. All photos uploaded onto the platform undergo manual review to prevent any inappropriate or offensive content from being shared.

Moreover, Wild prioritizes privacy, as evidenced by its stringent privacy policy.

However, there is room for improvement in terms of safety and security on Wild. While the photo verification process helps weed out fake profiles, more measures could be implemented to further enhance user safety. Continuously updating their methods to identify and eliminate suspicious accounts would strengthen overall security on the platform. Regularly reminding users of safe online practices can also contribute towards fostering a secure community on Wild app

Fake Profiles

When using the Wild app, it’s important to be cautious of fake profiles and bots in order to maintain your safety and privacy. To counter this issue, Wild has implemented a photo verification feature that helps users differentiate between genuine accounts and potential scams. With this process, users are able to confirm their identity by uploading a selfie that is compared against their profile pictures. This not only ensures authenticity but also promotes trust among users while viewing private photos shared on the platform.

  • Enable the photo verification feature: Utilize the photo verification feature on the Wild app to ensure users are authentic and real, helping you avoid fake profiles and bots.
  • Be cautious of private photos: Exercise caution when sharing or viewing private photos on Wild. Avoid interacting with accounts that have exclusively private images, as this may indicate suspicious activity.
  • Trust the verification process: Place your trust in Wild’s verification process. This ensures a safer community by verifying user identities and minimizing the presence of fake accounts or bots.


Users can access support for Wild through various channels. They can visit the support page on their website, where they will find helpful information and resources. Alternatively, users can also contact support via email, with a response time of typically within 24 hours. Additionally, there is no phone number to call for immediate assistance. For frequently asked questions, Wild has an extensive FAQ page that covers a wide range of topics. Overall, Wild’s support options provide comprehensive assistance comparable to other similar platforms in the market.

Wild offers different avenues for accessing support. On their website, users can navigate to the dedicated support page which contains valuable information and resources. They also have the option to reach out to the support team through email, with a typical response time of less than one day. While Wild does not offer phone-based assistance like some alternatives do, their detailed FAQ page addresses many common queries effectively. The range of available support options positions Wild comparably alongside other similar services in terms of providing necessary customer assistance.


Well, well, well. Look who we have here – the Wild app. Or as I like to call it, a wild waste of time and money. Let me tell you about this charming little online dating disaster. First things first, Wild is supposed to be all about casual dating and hookups. You know, for those spontaneous souls looking for some unbridled excitement in their love lives. But don’t let that fool you! It’s more like an episode of “Wild Kingdom” than any kind of romantic retreat. Let’s start with the free app concept they throw at you: “Oh yeah baby, it won’t cost you a dime!” Oh please!

We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world, especially not in the twisted realm of online dating. Just imagine trying to woo someone with virtual flowers only to find out that crucial messaging feature is behind a hefty paywall! And speaking of messaging, brace yourself for an abundance of fake profiles on Wild. Seriously folks, these bots are crawling around like ants at a picnic. You’ll think you found your dream match with her stunning profile picture and witty bio – until you realize she responds with random garble or tries selling you something instead. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m totally down for finding some fun-loving individuals who aren’t interested in commitment right now (no judgment here!). But even if casual dating is your cup of tea, Wild isn’t going to deliver anything beyond disappointment served on a digital platter. But wait! There’s more!

Let’s talk about navigating this app from hell. The interface is messier than my ex-boyfriend’s sock drawer after a hurricane hit it. Swiping left or right feels less like sifting through potential matches and more like playing roulette – only without the chance to win big or impress anyone other than Lady Luck herself. So save yourself the headache (and potentially some cash) and steer clear of Wild. It’s about as wild as a rainy day spent watching paint dry. You deserve better, my friends – a dating app that actually delivers on its promises without creating more stress in your life. Remember, folks: when it comes to online dating, don’t get sucked into the hype of names like “Wild” or any other flashy title promising you love and excitement at every swipe. Keep your wits about you, explore different options with an open mind (and a sense of humor), and trust me – you’ll find the perfect match without resorting to this doomed expedition into the Wild app wilderness.

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1. Is Wild legit?

Yeah, so I tried out the Wild app for online dating and gotta say, it’s legit! This free dating app has some cool features and offers a refreshing twist on the usual dating apps. If you’re looking for a wild adventure in the dating scene, give this one a shot.

2. Can you delete your Wild account?

Yep, you can totally delete your Wild account! Just go to the settings on the app and look for the option to delete or deactivate your profile. It’s just one click away, easy peasy – no strings attached! Trust me, as an online dating expert who has given the Wild app a try, they’ve got that covered for you.

3. What is Wild?

Wild is a free dating app that guarantees an adventurous online dating experience. As an expert, I found Wild to be a refreshing alternative in the sea of typical dating apps. With its exciting features and user-friendly interface, it’s perfect for those seeking a wild and exhilarating dating journey.

4. How to sign up for Wild?

Signing up for Wild is easy and quick! Simply download the Wild app from your mobile store, create a profile with some basic information about yourself, and you’re ready to rock the online dating world. Plus, as a free dating app, you’ll have access to all its features without any hidden surprises. So go ahead and join millions of singles who are enjoying their wild dating experience with this awesome app!

5. Does Wild have a mobile app?

Yeah, Wild definitely has a mobile app! As an online dating expert who tried numerous dating apps, I gotta say that the Wild app is one of my top recommendations when it comes to free dating apps. Check out my wild app review for all the juicy details on why it’s worth giving a shot!

6. How much does Wild cost?

So, here’s the deal with Wild: it’s a free dating app that really delivers on its promises. You won’t find any hidden charges or unexpected costs when you dive into the world of online dating with this wild app. It’s all about connecting people without breaking the bank!

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